New Ofsted guidance for subjects!

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New Ofsted guidance for subjects!


OFSTED published their Subsidiary guidance supporting the inspection of maintained schools and academies during the holidays – the 23rd December to be exact! In addition there are supplementary subject-specific guidance for different subjects including:

Art, craft and design

Economics, business and enterprise education due shortly


Design and technology




Information and communication technology


Modern languages


Physical education

Personal, social, health and economic education

Religious education


All of the different subject documents can be found here. (you can grab it directly from here in PDF format – there is also Word version).

Ofsted Link

It’s broken down in to five sections and will support your own self-evaluation

  • the overall effectiveness of the subject
  • the achievement of pupils in the subject
  • the quality of teaching in the subject
  • the quality of the subject curriculum
  • the quality of leadership in, and management of, the subject.

It then goes in to each of those different sections and highlights what outstanding, good, requires improvement and inadequate practice might look like, with all of the grade descriptors too. What is particularly helpful (I think) is the Supplementary subject-specific guidance, which appears in there alongside the generic guidance in some of the sections, making it subject specific for your Curriculum area. I strongly urge you to take a look.

Here are some screenshots from ICT


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