Harrow Way Middle Leader Bulletin’ Edition ‘5’ 14th November

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Welcome to Edition 5 of the ‘Harrow Way Middle Leader Bulletin’ a fortnightly digest of news for middle leaders at Harrow Way Community School. I hope this will streamline communication and help you stay up-to-date with the latest key dates, education policy, research and best practice.

Data Collection – Termly Progress Reviewcourse-1015601_640

The Data entry for Year 11 should be available in SISRA mid week. In the outcomes section in the SIP for 2016/2017 our mantra is: ‘’No GAPs, No Dips, No Excuses.’’ Could I ask all departments to reflect on the current performance of Year 11

  • Am I striving for at least 3 levels of progress for every student that I teach, to ensure a positive Progress 8 score? (4 levels if they entered with a KS2 Level 5)
  • I need to be particularly mindful of students who are Boys, disadvantaged and SEND. How am I going to use the Harrow Way Breaking Barriers to Learning document to support me?

Year Leaders – from Katy Woods – Please can you produce your termly report  with actions either using SIMS or SISRA?  In addition to using these reports to form discussions with your line managers and tutors, it was very useful using these in ‘Case Reviews’ to ensure we are supporting the right students.  Please could we have these reports completed in time to bring to case reviews week commencing 14th November.

Setting, Homework and Lesson Observations – Just a reminder of the emails from Mark


Homework – Please could we ask the all Curriculum Leaders check SMHW  every three weeks to ensure that homework is being set by all staff in their department in line with the published timetable and that there is a consistency of practice across the department. Mark will be circulating a report next week to provide information about the overall school picture but this is an important area for which Curriculum Leaders are primarily responsible.’

Lesson Observations –  Please could I re-iterate our school policy that is ‘each teacher should be observed formally once per term’, normally by their Line Manager or myself/Caroline as part of the METAL process. A copy of this lesson observation form should be given to the observee for Performance management evidence and also copied to me for the whole school record. I would suggest that all observations should be completed within the next four weeks as the last two weeks of term tend to be disrupted or assessments etc. Please could I ask that you ensure these observations are at least calendared this week if you are not part of METAL this term.

May I also remind you that the new form to be used for all observations without gradings can be found at: The new form can be found in Staff on Mars O:\Lesson observations and is the second one down – without gradings. NQT’s should be observed at least once per half term under

Setting –  The current year 7 seem to have settled very well and in classrooms there is a very good working atmosphere. Elaine and I looked at the data yesterday and there are very few Bs or 3s overall. There are four students with several of these who will be going on report to Elaine.  Following a consultation with the English, Maths and Science departments we have decided to continue with the current grouping arrangements until the end of the year.

There has been some excellent ‘teaching to the top’ seen on our learning walks and work sampling so I am confident that all groups of students will continue to make good progress in their current group. We will be doing some training with all teaching staff at the next staff meeting (5th December) on how to use the baseline tests for Year 7 to support planning.

Leadership -An excellent resource to help you with your professional learning


I hope you find the guide useful for supporting you with your leadership and helping you be the very best leader you can. It is full of different resources from a number of experts. Look out for the time saving tips throughout the toolkit. Also, keep an eye out for some golden nuggets of advice from other school leaders.

Click below for the resource.


Monitoring and Evaluation

Just a reminder of the M&E activities for next week.


Full MER Calendar – harrow-way-mer-cycle-2016-17-final

The Wasted Years?


In the autumn of 2015 Ofsted produced a report entitled Key Stage 3: The Wasted Years? in which it summarised the findings of approximately 1,600 section 5 inspections carried out between September 2013 and March 2015, 55 section 5 inspections from June and July 2015, 100 interviews with senior leaders, 10,942 questionnaire responses from students in Year 7-9, and 14 good practice visits.

Rather depressingly, the report found that, while students generally had the opportunity to study a broad range of subjects at KS3, in too many schools the quality of teaching and the rate of students’ progress and achievement were not good enough.

In fact, inspectors reported concerns about the effectiveness in one in five of the routine inspections, particularly in relation to the slow progress made in English and maths and the lack of challenge for the most able. Inspectors also reported significant weaknesses in MFL, History and Geography at KS3. Too often, inspectors found teaching that failed to challenge and engage students. Additionally low level disruption in some of these lessons, in particular MFL, had a detrimental impact on students learning. I would ask you to read through the report.

Ofsted Powerpoint ks3-the-wasted-years

Ofsted Report key-stage-3-the-wasted-years

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