​Harrow Way Middle Leader Bulletin’ Edition ‘10’ 6th February

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We have a busy couple of weeks ahead, in the run into half term. We are interviewing for a new deputy head on Monday. We have a middle leaders panel but please make every effort to meet the candidates at break in the staffroom and lunchtime in E9.

It’s also a very important 2 weeks for Year 11 as they complete their mock exams. I meet every 2 weeks with our Head boy and girl and deputies. One of the things that came up in our most recent discussion, was what helped them with revision. They all mentioned the personalised learning checklists that some departments are using. PiXl has produced these for most subject areas and most exam boards. They are all available to download on Huddle and the PiXl website. Any problems logging in talk to Nicola.


Curriculum Leader and Year Leader Monitoring and Evaluation

As per published calendar harrow-way-mer-cycle-2016-17 you should now have completed your learning walks with a focus on the use of the Harrow Way checklist in your department as well as questioning and improvements to areas for development that you identified last time. Tutor METALs should also be complete. You should have saved your findings in Staff on Mars/Department Monitoring and Evaluation/your subject folder by – Friday 3rd February at the latest.

Class of 2017 Boundary Leapers

I am very aware of the hard work going on at department level to support year 11, on their final run into GCSE’s. With the changes this year to the Maths and English GCSE’s, there have been changes to the points awarded to certain grades. You will have noticed from the email I sent last week that certain grades in 2017 are allocated more points.

Nicola and I will be having to have a 15-minute  meeting with each Curriculum Leader in the next 2 weeks, in order to identify your boundary leapers. These are students who could move from a E+/C+/B+/A+


Please can you identify between 10-20% of your examination cohort who have the potential to move up to the next grade? Attached is a spreadsheet which is for all subject areas, rank ordered by predicted grades. Also included is the DAP, KS2 and CAT data for each subject. Excel spreadsheet below.


‘Middle Prior Attaining’ Disadvantaged Boys and ‘Middle Prior Attaining’ Boys


It is clearly evident from the analysing the 2016 results that Middle Prior Attaining Disadvantaged Boys and Middle Prior Attaining Boys underachieved. I would ask you look carefully at how this group of students are performing in your subject area. You can use the filters in SISRA. PiXL has also produced a toolkit that highlights what PIXL does best – simplifying the complicated and offering practical and impactful advice. We aim to help schools determine:

  1. How do you really know who are the most vulnerable?
  2. How do you “keep an eye” on them?
  3. Who “owns” them?
  4. Do you know why you are doing things to close the gap?


This PiXL Toolkit supports the Harrow Way ‘Breaking Barriers’ toolkit. Below is a copy of the notes of the meeting of the DAP Champions.


Best Practice

SecEd is committed to supporting and promoting best practice throughout the secondary education sector. Access our latest best practice articles, which offer practical strategies and evidence and advice to schools on effective approaches across all aspects of secondary school education

Secondary Education

BETT 2017

One of the highlights of Bett 2017  was a keynote speech by Sir Ken Robinson. If you’re familiar with Robinson’s work, you’ll know that he has a distinct ability to balance dry humour with a powerful message about the importance of creativity in education. If you’ve never come across him before, now is a great time to catch up on his past talks. Most people will know Robinson, however, because of his extremely popular TED Talks. His 2007 keynote – “Do schools kill creativity?” – is in fact TED’s most-viewed talk of all time, with 11,454,271 views at the time of writing. If you’ve not seen it yet, it’s well worth spending 20 minutes to watch.

HWCS Self Evaluation SEF

I have uploaded this into Adobe Spark – click on the link and remind yourselves of our key areas for improvement

HWCS SEF in Adobe Spark


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