Harrow Way Middle Leader Bulletin’ Edition ‘11’ 27th February

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I hope you have all had a good half term break. Please note that the Spring Term Data Collection exercise on ARR Marksheets will start on Monday 27 February after half term – the deadline for completion of all data is 9:00 am on Monday 6 March.

Department Meeting

There is a Department Meeting scheduled for after school on Monday 27 February after half term for marksheet collection and moderation.


The following data needs to be completed:

Effort / Attitude Required for ALL students, in all Year Groups.
Year 7 A / O / B – Spring Term
Year 8 A / O / B – Spring Term AND Targets for Year 8 Reports
Year 9 Pred Grade – Spring Term AND Targets for Year 9 Reports
Year 10 Pred Grade – Spring Term
Year 11 Pred Grade – Spring Term

Below is a copy of the Data Entry Timeline / Data Collection Support document which Kiril has distributed giving additional guidance and information. data-entry    data-collection

Mid-Year PM Reviews


As you will see from the Monitoring and Evaluation Calendar it is Performance Management review time. Caroline has asked if we can all have a look at our own ‘appraisal’ in SIMs and add evidence. Line managers, you will need to make your appointments ahead of the deadline of Friday 3rd March. Below is the crib sheet to help you put any information into SIMs. The part on reviews is highlighted at the bottom. It is important that the information is in the right sections.


Questions to consider in discussion

  • Are the objectives set in October still relevant? New colleagues will need new objectives setting and these need to be approved.
  • Do they need amending? (If so I need to be e-mailed via tracey.roberts@harrowway.hants.sch.uk e.g. person x objective 2 has changed to …… because)
  • How are the actions progressing?
  • Is any support needed?
  • Are lesson/peer observations on schedule?
  • Performance in relation to other aspects of your professional role (teacher standards) and duties. Do have a look at the career stage profiles/pay progression criteria in staff – performance management

The mid-year review meeting will be a “pit stop” for us all to assess where we are with regards to the New Standards and our evidence gathering.

Leadership Matters


As part of the mid-year review process, you now have the option of carrying out a 360 peer review and a leadership persona questionnaire. The  Leadership personality tool enables you to discover your leadership predispositions: what drives you to succeed and where can you improve. We have subscribed to leadership matters to enable you to carry this out. You should receive an email with log in details in the next few days. Website below.

Leadership Matters

Middle Leadership and an Ofsted Update


I would hope that at Harrow Way there is clear and welcome consensus about the importance of middle leadership. The goals we all share for all our students, but especially the most disadvantaged, to achieve their potential cannot be achieved without good middle leadership.

People, not structures, are the most significant drivers of improvement and change in our schools.”

High-quality middle leadership is about more than managing a subject or an aspect of school life. Middle leaders are enthusiasts for their subject, good managers and administrators – but to be truly effective they embrace the more challenging characteristics of leadership, which are to do with vision, strategy and a drive
towards improvement.

Effective leaders have a clear vision of what they are trying to achieve. They are absolutely determined to ‘get it right first time’ and to give children in their settings the very best start. They have high expectations of children and adults alike; this is a hallmark of their work.’

Below is a slide from the presentation I attended at the BETT Show from Sir David Carter – The Schools Commissioner. Middle leadership in a nutshell!


There are a number of consistent messages here running through recent Ofsted reports, including the importance of:

  • subject leaders modelling best practice and challenging colleagues to explore and innovate
  • having a well-articulated, ambitious vision based 
on high expectations for all pupils and an excellent understanding of current developments and thinking in the subject
  • High-quality monitoring, self-evaluation and action planning clearly focused on improving standards and the quality of pupils’ learning
  • consistent use of evidence about pupils’ performance as the basis for high-quality planning and self- assessment
  • provision of regular and well-focused training for all those involved in teaching the subject in order to foster and share best practice
  • effective use of resources to support excellent teaching and learning

Area of inspection that can be controlled

Below is the slide I was able to show you on the last INSET day.


Assessment at Harrow Way Community School 2016 – 2017

See link below


SIP Key Priorities 



Two notes from Mark Warren

Lesson observations

Please would you ensure that all lesson observations are planned in as soon as possible if you have not already done so. This half term is quite short and very busy and it is not good practice to leave them until close to the end of term for lots of reasons. A reminder also that the feedback sheet without gradings should be used which can be found at staff on mars/lesson observations/lesson observation master gradings. People I have spoken to have all said that the professional dialogue during feedback has been far more productive without the grade so we will continue with this practice. These observations do provide important evidence for staff with regard to meeting the teachers’ standards. Please note that if you have been observed as part of the METAL process then this will suffice.’

Year 9 Options

Please note that the Year 9 Curriculum Evening will take place on Monday 20th March from 6.30-8.35pm. The evening will begin with a short presentation by Mike, Nicola Gregson and myself in the Hall, followed by five 15 minute presentations by yourselves in your own classroom. Parents will choose which five subject presentations they will go to. On the Wednesday and Thursday after this evening each student and their parents will be given an appointment to meet with a member of SLT/YL to confirm their final curriculum. Please do ensure that you respond to Kim’s requests for ‘advisory’ information around students’ suitability for your course in a timely manner.’

SLT Learning Walk

Purpose of activity – Consistency in use of checklist and improvements in questioning.

Summary of findings


Some improvement, notable in Science and reflection time in History and RE but still much to do. Often teachers are driven by the pace of lessons and miss opportunities to embed thinking or to give reasoning time in oral discussions. Permanent staff are circulating better. Almost no hands up seen. Some impact from CPD but not as much as we would like – slower pace of mastery curriculum might also help here.



Checklist is having a positive effect in improving consistency overall but start of lessons are stronger than ends. Checklist is being followed in MOST departments. Best practice seen in Humanities and Maths overall for greeting students, Science much better, Maths no time wasted at all. Issues in English at changeovers – Interestingly JRM picked this up to in his Monitoring. Better practice with regular staff than new temporary/supply staff. Registers taken promptly in most cases and often a starter activity. Older students are responding better to structures overall. Still not too much working in silence and sometimes students talking over staff. Impact is good but still more to do.

Planned follow-up actions (with dates)

  • Continue focus on questioning led by CL with more CPD after her visit to Holland Park School. (March 2017)
  • CLs need to take more responsibility for the induction of new staff in their departments with frequent reminders of current CPD priorities and the checklist, as well as supporting temporary/supply staff when necessary. (Ongoing)
  • Staff to be asked to plan for silence in some of their lessons. (MW after half term)
  • Reminder to staff about the need for good presentation, worksheets neatly stuck into books and titles etc underlined. (MW after half term)
  • SLT to discuss ends of lessons as part of this feedback and plan a way forward. (SLT meeting 14/02/2017)
  • SLT to conduct a joint Learning Walk with CL/HOY during LM time before Easter and feedback to individuals/departments on progress made.


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