Harrow Way Middle Leader Bulletin’ Edition ‘12’ 13th March

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Good afternoon everyone. We have several activities taking place over the next two weeks. On Wednesday, we have our 3rd twilight INSET session. As you will be aware one of our priorities this year is to improve the outcomes of our SEND (K) students. The agenda has already been issued. I was really pleased to read the positive report from Sarah Mantell the LA SEND Advisor who was of the view that the Dawn is having a significant impact on whole school awareness of SEND. She also observed some good practice in lessons although we still have more to do to ensure consistency.


On Monday 20th March we have our Year 9 Curriculum Evening. We also have our P8 meetings to discuss the latest data collection. This should be available in the next few days in SISRA.

  • Group 1 – 22nd March (Eng-Maths) Data War Room – Curriculum Leaders (3.15-4.15)
  • Group 2 – 23rd March – (other EBacc subjects) Data War Room – Curriculum Leaders (3.15-4.15)
  • Group 3 – 29th March – (other subjects) Data War Room – Curriculum Leaders (3.15-4.15)

We then have the Year 8 Parents Evening on Monday 27th March.

In the next few weeks, we would like our learning walks to focus on capturing good practice.  We will be during our SLT ECO periods next week visit as many lessons as possible to try to identify as much good practice as we can. Secondly, during the next two weeks, beginning 13th March instead of your normal Line Management meeting we will be conducting a joint learning walk with Curriculum Leaders/Year leaders This will involve visiting some lessons in your own department but also at least one other department to look at practice. Please, can we also check that lesson observations are on schedule for this term – Mark has received very few forms as yet!


Exams regulator Ofqual last week launched TV adverts and online content in response to research showing that many people don’t understand the new 9-1 grading scale. Ofqual chief regulator Sally Collier hopes to “dispel some myths” around the new grading system for reformed GCSEs through a ramped-up publicity drive.The exams regulator has launched television adverts, along with specific Facebook and LinkedIn pages, to provide greater clarification on the changes to GCSE grades in England. I thought you might like to look at the video. I will be showing this at the Year 9 curriculum information evening.


As you will be aware, we are currently in the Ofsted Window.  In the last couple of weeks there has been a great deal of inspection activity locally.  Test Valley were inspected just before half-term having previously been inspected in May 2013; The Clere were also inspected earlier this week and they were inspected on the same days as us in July 2013.

SLT have been doing a great deal behind the scenes and we are all set to go when the call arrives and have a minute by minute time line of what we do following the initial phone call.

Areas of the Inspection that can be controlled by us.

I would like to remind everyone what I emphasised on the INSET day on the areas of the Inspection that can very much be controlled by us, and that is students’ books and folders and key assessment pieces that the marking and feedback should be in line with the policy and show consistency across the department, and students have responded to and acted upon this to show progress.  We also need to ensure that there is no graffiti on the books; we don’t have scrappy worksheets and they are following the school guidelines for presentation.  You should be able to look through the books and see the progress they have made since September.  When Inspectors visit lessons, their focus will be very much on the learning and the progress. Below is the guide we have produced for all teaching staff.


The link below is an area for the Ofsted Inspection team I have put on the school website. Could I ask you look at the Raiseonline data?


Amanda Spielman’s speech at the ASCL annual conference is also below and well worth reading.



Below is quick look at what three independent teacher-led workload review groups said in short reports on marking, planning and resources and data management. We will be discussing this is a senior team this week.


Ross McGill – Teacher toolkit – Also led a seminar on teacher workload at the most recent ASCL Conference


Presentation – smarter_steps_to_reduce_teacher_workload_-_ross_mcgill

Tom Sherrington @leadinglearner  was given the opportunity to read a draft of Jim Smith’s Lazy Teacher’s Handbook and offer up a few thoughts; he morphed the title of this blog post from it.  Rather than encouraging teachers to be lazy it provides suggestions for doing important aspects of the job more effectively and efficiently.



ASCL’s annual conference (my own professional association) took place on Friday and Saturday. Although I was not able to attend this year there are a number of presentations that look really useful. I have attached the presentation called Accountability in 2017 – keeping afloat in troubled waters


Presentation – Accountability

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