Harrow Way Middle Leader Bulletin’ Edition ‘13’ 27th March

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There are a number of updates in this edition of the Middle Leader bulletin. I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you and say well done, following our recent Ofsted visit. Nicola and I attended the detailed debrief and I was delighted to hear the positive comments about Middle Leadership at Harrow Way. The notes I made regarding middle leaders included:

  • A very strong drive to increase progress from senior and middle leaders
  • Teachers know pupils very well and middle leaders clear about the barriers in their own subjects, for students who are disadvantaged or SEND.
  • Improved use of data and helping staff to plan to meet those needs
  • Clear focus on what to do if underperforming
  • One of the comments I was most pleased with was that Middle leaders and teachers were very enthusiastic about ensuring that those group of students who we focused on and the ambition for these students to do well.

Lesson observations


Mark has emailed those staff who still need to complete their lesson observations (me included!) Can we ensure they are all complete by the end of this week and details sent through to Mark.

Mid-Year Reviews


The mid-year review meeting should be a “pit stop” for us all to assess where we are with regards to the objectives set in October and your overall strategic responsibilities. Please ensure these are all complete ASAP.  Can I ask you also carry out the leadership personality tool at http://www.leadershipmatters.org.uk which looks at what drives you to succeed and where can you improve? Details were sent out to you recently.

Curriculum Information Evening Year 9

Thank you for your contribution to a very successful evening. We also had some very positive meetings with parents during our 1 to 1 meetings on Wednesday and Thursday. Below is the link to my presentation and the Ofqual video I shared with parents.

Year 9 Presentation

Progress 8 Group Meetings


We have had the group 1 and 2 Progress 8 meetings. Thank you for your contribution to these and the interventions you are putting in to support key students and in particular the boundary leapers in your area. The group 3 meeting is taking place this week. Please do log in to PIXL huddle and have a look at some of the personal learning checklists PLCs, that our students have indicated are very helpful.

Firing on all cylinders: What makes an effective middle leader?


A really useful publication from ASCL, please have a read through.

Firing on all Cylinders

Monitoring and Evaluation

Just a reminder from Mark that beginning 13th March instead of your usual Line Management meeting we should have been conducting a joint learning walk with Curriculum Leaders/Year leaders. This should involve visiting some lessons in your department but also at least one other department to look at best practice. The link below has the M&E Calendar for 2016/2017.



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