Harrow Way Middle Leader Bulletin Edition ‘16’ 22nd May

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We have seen GCSEs starting this week, with Year 11s tackling French, Spanish, PE and Science exams. Students have come out of the exams, relieved, but quietly confident that their revision/support from teachers has hit the mark. Next week sees a big week for Year 11 with exams in Maths, English, Science and Geography taking centre stage.

A reminder of the email that Nicola sent out earlier in the week. Could this be how the students have the last minute prompt from you before their exam? Geography does a tunnel of success or the A* Mat – what could your department do?


LEARN Alliance Trainees

A big thank you to Caroline and everyone who helped with the LEARN Alliance Behaviour for Learning training day on Friday. Euan started  the day with a practical session in the gym followed by Gemma & the transition group (see the photo below – they were amazing!) There was a ‘Speed dating’ session with our student support staff (Jane Tunney, Julia McLachlan, Janice Buckley, Karen McCulloch, Nicola Bird) and positive student-teacher relationships with Rachel.  Shelley led a session on effective routines and Kelly led a session on positive starts to lessons. The day was ended with Callie who shared with the trainee’s positive ends to lessons and Nicola and Caroline led the final session on de-escalating situations.

The evaluations were really glowing- all ‘Very Good’ and ‘Outstanding’. The trainees really enjoyed their day and came away with a fantastic experience of the school and some great ideas.

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Disadvantaged students

‘Narrowing’ or ‘closing’ the gap is well established in the vocabulary of education policy and practice in the UK. There is little, if any disagreement that we need to do everything we can to compensate for the disadvantage that limits the life chances of so many young people. The pupil premium has been a considerable help during difficult financial times.


PiXL have produced a Toolkit for Closing the Gap it offers offering practical and impactful advice. It supports our own Breaking Barriers booklet that the Ofsted Inspection team were really impressed with. The PiXL guide:

  • Contains ideas, hyperlinks, examples, commentary on key issues.
  • Provides an area of Huddle in which we can use the powerful PiXL network to share ideas and successful practice.
  • Is applicable to the whole age range and relevant to all school contexts.
  • Has hyperlinks to other resources.

Quoting Ghandi – “A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members” –  In the PiXL guide John Dunford asks the following:

  • How do you really know who are the most vulnerable?
  • How do you keep an eye on them?
  • Who owns them?
  • Do you know why you are doing things to close the gap?
  • What does it mean for your next steps?

PiXL Closing the Gap Toolkit

Feedback Webinar

Dr Dylan Wiliam The Secret of Effective Feedback. A tremendous resource; 51 minute webinar packed with wisdom!

Conservative Schools Pledges 2017: The Nerdy Details Guide


Strategic Plan 2017-2020


There are so many things to get right in a successful school; some can be controlled much more easily than others.  The six areas in this post are by no means the only six or necessarily the most important. They are all areas that it ought to be possible to plan for, taking account of research evidence and examples of effective practice across the system.


How can you help your pupils with the new 1-9 GCSE exams? 3 Tips For Developing GCSE Exam Technique


Middle Leaders Timeline – A reminder


Please have a look at the timeline below from Mark. We have made some changes to the meeting schedule and deadlines for department scorecards and DIPs. These changes were made to ensure the focus remains on Year 11 over the next 6 weeks. Middle leader timeline middle-leaders3

PIXL Main Meeting


Please find the minutes from the latest PiXL Main Meeting 11.05.17  They are best read with the PowerPoint (saved in the PiXL folder on staff).

PIXL Website Username : HY1463 Password : SOUTH91

Huddle Username: HarrowWay Password : pixl2014HUDDLE!

CAS Lead School and IT


As you will be aware Harrow Way is a CAS (Computing at School) Lead school. I am delighted to inform you that Kevin Peebles and Donna Robertson has been awarded the title of CAS Master Teachers. These are experienced, high-performing classroom teachers with a passion for the subject; enthusiasm, energy, and a desire to support others.

CAS Master Teachers:

  • Champion computer science in schools and the wider teaching profession,
  • Provide training, mentoring and coaching to teachers in their local communities,
  • Support collaboration between schools and universities.



We are very fortunate that Donna has also brought to Harrow Way real expertise in the delivery of the ECDL.  The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) is the internationally recognised qualification for computer users. ECDL improves learners’ understanding of computers and promotes efficient use of software. The course opens up a variety of opportunities through the broad range of skills it provides. The qualification is widely recognised by employers as proof of ability and competence when working with IT.

This is last year that ECDL will count in the performance tables. It counts in bucket 3 for Progress 8. With the support of a number of key staff we currently have 52 students who have passed the course. The A*/A pass rate is an incredible 80%!

The Harrow Way IT Technician team

The Harrow Way IT Technician team under the leadership of Giles, now provides fully managed IT support to 6 local Primary Schools, managing in excess of 1000 devices for over 2000 users. Advances in technology continue to impact the classroom – and as well as continual investment in refreshing existing technology, the school is trialling a move to any time, any place, any device access to data and applications via Googles cloud-based applications platform and Chrome hardware. Donna and Kevin are also using google classrooms with some of their teaching groups. Further details at: https://edu.google.com/intl/en_uk/products/productivity-tools/classroom/


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  1. This is such a useful resource for leaders in our school and helps us to stay focussed on delivery of our core business – improving outcomes for every student in our care. Thank you MJS

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