Harrow Way Middle Leader Bulletin Edition ‘17’ 12th June

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Congratulations to our most recent appointments:

  • Christina Brown – Curriculum for History
  • Sara Benyon Thomas Year 7 leader
  • David Cade Curriculum Leader for D&T/Year Leader Year 9,
  • Rebecca Calder – Curriculum Leader for Humanities.

One of the comments that I am most proud of in our most recent Ofsted report was that ‘’Senior and middle leaders are resolute in ensuring that all pupils make good progress’’ This is clearly evident in all the support that is going on with Year 11. They have had a challenging week with a pretty full schedule for many, including Geography, History, Science and Computer Science and the whole cohort exams of English Language and Maths. Next week is equally as busy with English Language, Geography, HSC, Maths, Catering, Chemistry, History, RE, Additional Science/Physics and Resistant Materials.

As I mentioned in the last middle leaders bulletin, we had a very positive SLT planning day before half term and following a recent SLT meeting now have a draft Strategic Plan in place. I will be sharing this with governors during a training session on Saturday. This has been a good opportunity to reflect on what we have achieved over the last 3 years and where we want to be in the next 3 years 2017-2020. I will be discussing this further at our next middle leaders meeting.

Summer Data Collection – Termly Progress reviews

It is very important that all Curriculum Leaders check all marksheets are complete for their department. We have had a SIMS Consultant working with Nicola, Kim and Paul over two days and we have some exciting data analysis we can now get from SIMS. What holds the whole process up is when Kim has to chase missing data entries. Please ensure your department is not one of these.  We also have the prospect of cakes from Nicola on Tuesday.


ARR Marksheets – The deadline for completion of this data is 9 am on Monday 12 June and the following data is required:

Year 7

  • Effort / Attitude grades to be amended or completed.
  • Summer Term A/0/B grade.
  • 1 or 2 Target(s) for Reports.

Year 8

  • Effort / Attitude grades to be amended or completed.
  • Summer Term A/0/B grade.

**DEC + CC:  Could you please ensure that all Art and D&T staff are aware of exactly which marksheets and columns they are required to complete, depending on the student rotations.

Year 9

  • Effort / Attitude grades to be amended or completed.
  • Summer Term Predicted Grade.

Year 10

  • Effort / Attitude grades to be amended or completed.
  • Summer Term Predicted Grade.
  • *1 or 2 Target(s) for Reports.

Option Classes – A Reminder from Mark


Could I ask that you please ensure you meet Kim’s deadlines for which students you require in which classes when you have more than one class in a block. When all the returns are in Kim has to go through and put the students in the classes manually which, as you can imagine, is quite time consuming.

There is more thinking to be done about Year 8 this year as each HOD or group of HODs in Humanities can decide whether to set or not and so she will need this information as well – it will not simply roll over with a few changes as it has done in the past 9 unless you are keeping mixed ability of course).

Thank you for your support with this process and if you have any difficulties please let me know.

I also intend to publish timetables to all staff next week so if you wish to make any changes to your drafts please let me know by the end of the day on Monday. Thank you to those of you who have already seen me. I shall assume that a nil return means you are happy with it as it is.

Summer Term Lesson Observations – A reminder from Mark


Please could I suggest that all outstanding lesson observations are completed within the next 5 weeks when most lessons should be normal and before we get into the last two weeks of term when there tends to be a lot of disruption and also staff are beginning to feel more tired.

Could I also ask that you ensure you use the correct lesson observation form to be found at staff on mars/lesson observations. There is only one form in this file. It also has some useful prompts underneath the form. Please could I also remind you to forward me a copy of every observation you undertake.

Middle leader update – timeline – A reminder

Please have a look at the timeline below from Mark. We have made some changes to the meeting schedule and deadlines for department scorecards and DIPs. These changes were made to ensure the focus remains on Year 11 over the next 6 weeks. Middle leader timeline Middle Leaders

50th Anniversary – Please can we support Callie!


Thank you to all of you who got back to me about your tutor stall for the summer fete – I have been given some really lovely ideas. Year 7 win the prize for best response – all but two groups got back to me. Only two from Y8 and 10 responded and none from Y9 😦  I will be passing on your ideas to Heads of House who will then liaise with each of you nearer the time.

School Leadership in 12 Slides


These are the areas I think school leaders need to work on.  There’s an interplay between vision and ethos – the direction of travel and the spirit in which things are done.  There’s also the importance of strategy – the need to solve difficult problems and plan a way forward.  Managing people and communicating well with all stakeholders are areas that need constant investment. In my experience, it’s rare to find a leader who excels in all these areas, which is why we have teams!


Culture and Climate

From Andy Buck – Great to see how the Ofsted framework values culture and climate – summary based on the descriptors for outstanding. Andy Buck’s own checklist for what leaders can do to create a supportive culture and climate.



GCSE grading – 10 useful facts


This summer’s exam results will see the first appearance of the new GCSE grades 1 to 9 as they begin to be phased in. Curriculum and assessment specialist Suzanne O’Farrell gives us 10 useful facts about the new numerical system


Every teacher is a teacher of literacy – teaching literacy across the curriculum: Part 1


During the next five weeks, Matt Bromley will be focusing on practical strategies for delivering effective cross-curricular literacy education. He begins with a look at why every teacher must be a teacher of literacy


Progress 8


Duncan Baldwin presents the story so far and what to do (and what not to do)


Teaching and Learning Research Summaries: A collection for easy access.


There are several superb summaries of educational research that have been compiled into easily accessible websites and articles in pdf format that can be read online and shared with staff. Although they are easy to find via an internet search, I am pulling them together into one place for easy access.   I’ll keep adding to it as I find things and when people make suggestions:



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