Harrow Way Middle Leader Bulletin Edition ‘19’ 10th July

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What a very busy but highly successful week!


The formal induction process for our new incoming Year 7 students started with their Induction Day on Tuesday. They were a delight to have in school and we are excited about them starting with us in September. Special induction activities (boot camp) is also planned for the first two days of Year 7 to enable students to get to know their tutor group, familiarise themselves with the layout of the School and be fully inducted into ‘Classrooms Voices’ and the ‘The Harrow Way’ . We also had a very successful induction evening for parents.

We had our 50th anniversary, the 1960s drop down day on Wednesday. It was lovely to see years 7, 8 and 9 working together and there was a super atmosphere with some very engaging activities. On Saturday we had the 50th Anniversary Summer Fete. It was an amazing occasion and I would like to thank Callie and Ash for all their hard work in putting this together.

Year 10 students spent a taster day at Andover College, looking at their options for the next stage of their education. Parents also joined us for a Careers Evening and over 100 students will be out of school on work experience next week. We also invited Cragrats in to spend a day working with Year 10. In this real-life Careers programme, the Cragrats tutors take on the role of a headhunting firm, with each Year 10 student, in turn, becoming a candidate – with blank slates and an equal chance of impressing and getting the ‘job’. Thank you to Nicola Gregson for organising these events

On Friday the whole school was involved in our annual sports day today. There was amazing effort & commitment from our students to a wide variety of sports, including tennis, javelin, shot put, long jump, track races and the climbing dyno challenge. Huge thanks to the PE Department for organising a very successful day

Harrow Way Strategic Vision 2017-2020

Please read through this – Click on this link  Strategic Vision 2017-2020


Department Scorecards and Improvement Plans

Please ensure they are placed in the staff – Department Scorecard and Improvement Plan Folders – All to be completed by Friday 21st July


Why middle leaders matter, more than ever – A driver in school improvement SSAT


Middle leaders are the ‘connectors’ between teachers and senior leaders and as such are constantly mediating between their own departmental culture and ethos and the implementation of whole school policies.  The best middle leaders create opportunities for collective working, thinking and innovation, and are more likely to see results. Conversely, middle leaders who view their work as routinely managerial or administrative may be efficient but are unlikely to inspire their colleagues to push the boundaries of their professional practice.

In short, middle leaders are a powerful driver in school improvement. Their work directly influences how teachers respond to and engage with their daily work. Probably, many middle leaders do not see themselves this way and play down the centrality of their contribution to school transformation and change. Yet, in other sectors, like business, middle leaders are given the status, the resource, and the latitude to innovate, as the return on this investment is clear.

Read more at: https://www.ssatuk.co.uk/blog/middle-leaders-matter/

Lesson Observations

Could you ensure that all outstanding lesson observations are completed and sent to Mark within the next 1 1/2 weeks? You need to ensure you use the correct lesson observation form to be found at staff on mars /lesson observations. There is only one form in this file. It also has some useful prompts underneath the form.

GCSEs – New Guide


The DfE have produced more information about changes to GCSEs and a fact sheet for parents explaining the changes.


Message to inspectors from the National Director, Education

Welcome to issue 10 of the School inspection update (SIU). I know that Her Majesty’s Inspectors (HMI) and Ofsted Inspectors (OIs) across the country will be looking back at a very busy, but hopefully satisfying year. I also know that we are all looking forward to a little more rest and relaxation during the summer months.



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