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Building on 26 years experience in education, I am passionate about leadership development in schools and the wider education system. I am currently Head Teacher at Harrow Way Community School in Andover, Hampshire. I have been in post since September 2012, having previously worked at Eggar’s School, Alton, Hampshire. This was graded ‘Outstanding’ in all areas on 2 occasions by Ofsted. I started my teaching career at Wyvern College Hampshire. In 1994, through the ‘League of Commonwealth Exchange Teachers’ I completed a 1 year placement at the Entrance High School in New South Wales Australia. I qualified as a section 10 Ofsted inspector in 2005 and completed a number of full inspections. I also completed the section 5 convertor training through Tribal. In 2011 I was designated specialist leader of education (SLE) and worked previously as a data consultant for the SSAT.

Harrow Way was inspected in July 2013. Ofsted commented that the Head Teacher has high expectations of the school, which is shared with staff, students, governors and parents. His aspirations for student permeate the school and are shared by senior and middle leaders, who support his commitment and vision. These factors contribute significantly to the schools very strong capacity for further improvement.


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  1. Hi Mike, Really enjoying reading your BLOG and thanks for your positive comments about iAbacus – we are genuinely trying to create a professional development tool that starts from the perception of teachers and leaders and then goes on to interrogate the data (not the other way around) it just feels “right”.

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